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NewPoker: The World's First Video Poker Community. Launched in 2021, NewPoker was created by poker enthusiasts from multiple countries and now spans 168 countries worldwide.
Unlike traditional competitive poker, NewPoker focuses on the social interaction of poker, catering to the new generation of players. Create private friend tables in just two steps or join vibrant and engaging poker clubs and communities. Participate in various community events like MTT and sit & go tournaments.
NewPoker pioneers facial recognition technology to ensure 100% real players. With blockchain-based dealing and shuffling, combined with RNG and secure house mechanisms, we guarantee a fair, transparent, and secure gaming experience.
On a foundation of safety and fairness, NewPoker revolutionizes video poker table interactions. Experience innovative poker fun with video tables, customized table designs, and interactive effects. Fun video filters enhance the experience and help avoid awkward moments.

NewPoker: Trendy poker gatherings!

In 2010, a group of ambitious young people came together. Some could code, some could manage operations, and some could sell. But none of us knew anything about poker. By 2012, as poker tournaments started gaining popularity in Asia, we began assisting in organizing these events. We were driven by a persistent spirit to excel at whatever we did, and soon, we gained some recognition within a small circle. During this time, we met poker enthusiasts from all over the world—financiers, bankers, business owners, professional players, nature lovers, adventurers, musicians, and athletes. Whenever we got together, we’d chat, play poker, make music, barbecue, swim, and gossip about the industry. We wanted to contribute something meaningful to this field.

We couldn’t host any tournaments or hang out with friends. No music, no poker. We sat on our balconies, opened Zoom, and had virtual parties with our friends in the U.S. We still chatted and raised our glasses, but something was missing—poker.

“Can we create a video poker game where we can play, chat, and raise our glasses together?”

So, this group of “idlers” started taking action. We made flowcharts, wrote code, organized operations, planned, and did media.

We called it NewPoker

.Because we were tired of the serious poker scene, the cheating, the lonely battles, and the old-fashioned designs. We created four new things: a new generation of relaxed poker, new poker concepts, new fun, and new social poker—all for the sake of camaraderie!

To break all distance and location barriers, and let friends enjoy poker both online and offline seamlessly, our team did a lot of groundwork:

– Covered 168 countries, launched on Google Play and the App Store.

– Set up quick tables and templates for instant games.

– Introduced facial recognition technology to ensure authenticity.

– Used blockchain for shuffling and dealing to guarantee fairness.

– Passed RNG verification step by step for security.

– Set up secure rooms and password-protected rooms for private games.

– Provided professional hand and profit/loss data records (only you can view).

And all of this, completely free.

– Video games caused phones to overheat. We upgraded servers, reduced the software package size, and tested repeatedly.

– Large data storage caused some errors. Our team spent nights playing and testing, cross-checking, and fixing issues with the help of professional data and tech personnel.

– The UI was criticized for being ugly and complicated. So, our operations, design, and tech teams redesigned the UI and optimized the UX.

– The variety of games was limited, so we gradually added Fantasy, Bomb Pot, and Squid Game.

– The lack of emojis and filters was addressed by adding full-screen effects and more emojis.

And we fixed 2,685 bugs and various minor features.

We are preparing a brand-new app interface design and table styles, aiming to provide a better experience for everyone. Because we are poker enthusiasts, not just fans but also seekers of fun and friendship.

The “idlers” of NewPoker are now busy, enjoying the camaraderie of working side by side with friends, driven by the mission to connect more poker buddies, and the desire to bring a refreshing change to the industry.

If we could set a time limit for this beloved endeavor, we hope it lasts “until the end of time.”

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