Battle Community

Battle Community

New Poker is glad to introduce our latest feature, the Battle Community. One of the cores of our app is to bring together communities of poker players around the world in a centralized environment, offering safety and tools to enhance interaction between players. The Battle Community is all about that! You can invite clubs from all over the world to your community, their players will be able to compete against each other inside the community tables using a centralized currency of your choice.

The Battle Community allows New Poker clubs to share the same environment, putting their players in a field full of action! Battle Community owners will create games and distribute chips to clubs, so they can offer their players handful action where players from all over the world will meet each other inside poker tables.

Whoever manages the community will be responsible for controlling the games and commissions to be distributed according to their community standard.  Clubs and Players can invite friends through exclusive referral links and grow the community together.

More interaction is more fun! Start now and invite clubs to your own Battle Community, run games, and be part of the biggest live poker community in the world.

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