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New Game Unlocked! Pile Mushrooms!

At NewPoker, we’re dedicated to enhancing your gaming experience, which is why we’re excited to introduce our latest game variant: Pile Mushrooms, also known as Build the Button.

Pile Mushrooms adds a thrilling twist to classic NLH (No-Limit Hold’em), PLO (Pot-Limit Omaha), and 6+ games. In this innovative variant, the Button position assumes the role as the Mushroom Seeder, and the Small Blind player is the Mushroom Snatcher, adding an extra dimension of strategy and anticipation to each hand.

  1. Setting the stage: At the beginning of each hand, the player positioned on the Button, places a ‘mushroom’ into the mushroom pot. The amount of stacks corresponding to one mushroom typically equals one Big Blind, although this can be adjusted at table creation. The mushroom pot then starts to accumulate with each hand.
  2. Winning the pot: If the player in the Small Blind position wins in the hand, they claim all the ‘mushrooms’ accumulated in the pot.

  • Round Closure: Once a player claims the mushroom pot, signaling the end of that round, the pot resets and begins to accumulate again. A new round of Pile Mushrooms commences until the next Small Blind player wins the pot.
  • New Player Protocol: When a new player joins the table, they can participate in the game as usual. However, they do not immediately join in the ongoing Pile Mushrooms round. As such, they are exempt from contributing mushrooms while in the Dealer Button position, and the Small Blind cannot claim victory for their hands. Instead, the new player must wait for the start of a new round to fully engage in the action.

Pile Mushrooms injects an extra layer of excitement and strategy into traditional online poker gameplay, offering players a fresh and thrilling experience with every hand. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the game, come join us at New Poker and experience the thrill of Pile Mushrooms first hand. Let the games begin!

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