NewPoker On Android

NewPoker On Android

The New Poker team first chose the iPhone operating system to host the safest platform for poker on the market, assuring 100% safe games and 100% real players. The app was a huge success for iOS users.

But our team was not yet satisfied. New Poker’s ongoing mission is to create a collaborative environment for global communities of poker. Therefore, we embrace players who have a preference for other operating systems.

That’s why our dedicated technological team has worked tirelessly to develop an Android version of New Poker maintaining the same standards of fairness, security, and real player engagement that has defined our brand. Opening our community to EVERY passionate poker player in the world.

Finally, we are glad to announce that we achieve the result we wanted to bring the safest poker platform on the market to Android devices. This release marks a significant expansion of the New Poker community, now extending to the vast Android user base.

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