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NewPoker Introduces Exclusive New Membership Options!

NewPoker is thrilled to unveil our new membership tiers, catering to a diverse range of poker lovers! From free membership to the luxurious Diamond tier, these new options offer varying levels of access and perks, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Here’s a look at what each membership tier offers:

By default, all players at NewPoker are granted free membership! This tier is ideal for newcomers and those just dipping their toes into the world of online poker. Free members have the right to create a club at no cost, providing a basic yet enjoyable poker experience.

Ready to up your game? Try out our new Silver Membership!

Silver members can create up to three clubs, with the first one being free. The membership comes with access to table chat pop-ups, avatar and chat frames, plus some complimentary goodies like free time banks and emoji’s. Perfect for regular players seeking more flexibility and club options.

Silver Membership is offered in four different duration options:

  • 30 Days – 388 diamonds
  • 90 Days – 1164 diamonds
  • 180 Days – 2328 diamonds
  • 365 Days for 4656 diamonds

Elevate your experience further with our Gold Membership!

Gold members enjoy several exclusive benefits, including a unique pop-up frame and avatar/chat frame with unlimited usage. They also gain access to detailed rival data, allowing them to view opponent information directly on their avatars, along with viewing career data. Gold members can create up to six clubs, again with the first one free of charge. Plus, enjoy additional free items and emojis!

Gold Membership options:

  • 30 Days – 1588 diamonds
  • 90 Days – 4764 diamonds
  • 180 Days – 9528 diamonds
  • 365 Days for 19056 diamonds

Sitting at the very top of the NewPoker membership hierarchy, the Diamond Member tier is the ultimate choice for players who are seriously wanting to elevate their game to the top level.

Diamond members receive exclusive shark items, emoji’s, pop-up frames, and avatars/chat frames with unlimited usage! They also exclusively hold the privilege of creating a Battle Community. Like the Gold tier, Diamond members have access to detailed rival data and can view career statistics. They can create up to ten clubs, with the first free of charge. You can view the additional privileges in the member benefits comparison.

Diamond Membership options:

  • 30 Days – 3888 diamonds
  • 90 Days – 11664 diamonds
  • 180 Days – 23328 diamonds
  • 365 Days for 46656 diamonds

NewPoker’s latest membership options are set to revolutionize the online poker scene. Whether you’re just starting out or are a poker pro, these tiers promise a tailored, enhancing gaming experience. Our commitment is to provide a diverse, captivating, and fulfilling journey for every member.

Ready to join or upgrade? Head over to the NewPoker app now to enhance your poker game now!

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