Run It Twice On NewPoker

Run It Twice On NewPoker

The option to run it twice is a common feature in live cash games. Bringing the experience of live poker to your online gameplay, this option is now available on the New Poker cash tables.
Running it twice means that once two or more players are all-in, the remainder of the board will get dealt twice, if all the parties involved in the hand are in agreement. The pot will get divided on the two times you will run it. Each share will be awarded depending on who won each run.

The cards are going to be run twice depending on when the all-in took place. For example, if the players are going all-in pre-flop, two flops, turns and rivers will be dealt in following the natural order of each board. If the players go all-in in the flop, they will get a turn and a river, and then again a turn and a river. The same logic will be applied if the players go all-in at the river, considering the same flop and turn but showing two rivers.

This is a valid option for players to control the odds and outcomes of the board, reducing the variance and giving more options to escape from few outs.

Join our tables and test our new feature to elevate your game to the next level!

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